CathyI was walking through the mall after buying a few things when i met a friend of mine i have know for a long time. Her name is Cathy, her and her husband Jim are in their 50s her ,and 70s , him have been married for over 30 years. Their c***dren are grown and have grandc***dren. I know them as a couple i met at a coffee shop i frequent as well as several other couples and singles i have gotten to know. Her husband Jim i always never cared for as he is opinionated and disrespectful to her and even to others. He has a quick temper and has embarrassed both of them with his manner. Plain and simple he is just a grouchy, grumpy old man near his 70s as he is older than Cathy.The other side of the coin Cathy is very attractive has a nice body and dresses very well. She is always interested in other people and seems to like being with people and sharing with them. Her hair is shoulder length colored im sure, blonde and she is a milf for sure. Her ass is round and full and her breasts look large and round.As i spoke to her i could tell she was preoccupied and maybe a little troubled. I asked if i could help her and she said it was a problem at home. We went to a little sitting area and she began to tell me her and Jim have problems she never even knew about until today but wouldnt say anymore. I made sure she had my cell number and we said our byes and went off.She called the next morning and we talked for about 45 min. and told her to call me if she needed to. Sure enough she called about 3 or 4 times over the next week and finally she asked for us to meet so we arranged the time and place. As we sat there i was not sure what was coming but i knew she was uneasy and i let her take the time to get it out. She told me her and Jim had had less than a perfect marriage but she never thought anything of it since they had be married 33 years she told me. She told me he had canlı bahis been out of the house for over a week living away from her and thats why she has been so upset seeing her marriage crumble. I asked if they were getting a divorce or try to work it out and she said i dont think it can be repaired.She told me to be honest we have not had any kind of sex in 5 years! She said that is how she thought it was after that many years.As shocking as that was what came next was the final straw for her. She had been out shopping and was supposed to get home around 4pm, but got home around 2 after getting done earlier than she thought she would. She came in the house and did not see Jim and walked down the hall and in their bedroom was Jim with another man with the guys dick in his mouth sucking him . She said she just froze in mid step and watched as her husband sucked and kissed the guys cock and sucked him off.When he noticed her he just told her to get the fuck out of there, which she did and when she came home later they were gone and that was over a week ago.I asked her what her plans were and she said i was the only one who knew yet but she was not going to be a wife to him just to cover the fact up , if he is gay go on and be with the other man. I told her i would not say a word to anyone and she could do what ever she needs to do in her own time. She said she was surprisingly calm about it all and felt she would use this a as a way to be happier. We talked awhile and as we stood to say bye for now she thanked me for being a good listener and friend. I told her it was fine and she was very welcome and i enjoy spending time with her and conversing with her. We hugged bye and she kissed my cheek said bye.As i arrived home a call acme from Cathy and she said i want to ask you something i could not do earlier face to face. I said you should have asked earlier but it is bahis siteleri ok now to call. She said do you think im attractive? I quickly said YES and dont let all this affect you, yeas your attractive and men will be calling if you want them to. She said what about you? I said Cathy i always have found you attractive And you need to not doubt that. With that she said would it be alright if i come over to your house and spend the night…..dont say yes if you dont want to. I quickly said yes i would LOVE for you to come over. She said see you in 20 min.Cathy arrived and as i let her in i noticed she was wearing stockings and heels under a mid calf coat. All you could see was her face, hands, lower legs and heels. She was silent and so was i as we looked in each others eyes we fell in each others arms and i held her close to me and told her it was wonderful for her to call and i softly spoke in her ear her 5 years of sex was ending tonight!! Her knees buckled a little and she looked up in my eyes and said i will do anything you want in bed just make love to me and fuck me, Make me feel like a woman again.We walked hand in hand into my bedroom and slid her coat of to reveal only her Bra and Panties and stockings and high heels. Her titties were huge! her Bra said 36g and her untrimmed pussy shown through her sheer white panties full and dark. I undid her hooks and pushed her bra off her shoulders as it fell free form her huge tits. Her aereolas were 5 inches across and her nipples the size of my little finger, erect and deep pink as i massaged and squeezed them. She sat on the edge of the bed as i lowered my pants and the rest of my clothes with my back facing her.I turned toward her and watched her eyes as my 9&1/2 inch cock came into her view the first time. She gasped and said oh my, i dont know if i can hold that!! I told her dont worry by the time were through güvenilir bahis your pussy will stretch and you wont ever want anything smaller. Jim was only 4-5 inches hard and not half as big around as this! She reached out and put her hand on it as i got fully erect she put my balls in her other hand and massaged them both as she got to know my cock. I took over and rubbed it back and forth across her lips as she sighed and closed her eyes in pleasure. She opened her mouth and sucked on the head as i held the base in my hand. Every few seconds pulling it out and rubbing pre cum all over her cheeks and face until her face was slick and coated.I layed her back and removed her panties and we were both naked fully. I pushed her legs back and open and leaned in and kissed her pussy which produced a long moan from her and a slight tremble. I opened her cunt and began licking up and down her labia as she shreaked in about 2 min. she had her first orgasm. Her pussy hole gaped and she sprayed squirt over both of us.With her body flushed from the orgasm and her breath labored i moved my cock to her opening. I touched the head to her clit and she jerked and became instantly fully aroused. I massaged my cock up and down her pink folds as she became a smoldering hot wet mess with her cunt hole gaping open for me to enter.Her words became a stream of oh fuck, fuck fuck.As i moved my cock head up and down she was soon so wet i did not have to find her pussy hole my dick slipped in and we were instantly fucking. We went from fore play to hot nasty fucking in 1 second!! I grabbed her ankles and plowed into her and gave her the fucking she came to my house for. I came in her at least 3 times i relentlessly fucked her. I fucked her in every position and she came so many times i lost count.Finally i slid my cock in her ass and she loved it and she came from anal sex, a first for her. The final cum i pulled out and shot off on her face stream after stream on her face, she just purred and enjoyed it.We fuck all the time now and she misses her old life zero!! Soon i will write more enjoy!!!

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