Donna Gets A Fantastic Workout part 1

Donna Gets A Fantastic Workout part 1Donna was finishing a frustration day at her Gym. And needed some time to unwind. She decided a long run wood relieve some stress. There is a small military base about 30 minutes drive, we go running there a lot.Its a amazing run and in late afternoon there wood be very few people there.Donna dad and brother work for the military and live on site, during the week so donna has a pass to visited them.So donna drove up to the gate and smiled at the young guard.He smiled back after checking her pass the guard welcomed donna to the base. Once pass the few building’s close to the gate there was nothing but fields and woods with a few small fenced compounds.As donna expected there was no one around in the wooded areas of the base, she parked the car on a dirt side road and moved the seat back so she could change into fresh running gear. She stripped off her clothes and slid on spandex shorts and a sports bra. and running shoes. Cupping her amazing breasts on each side she pushed them together to settle them into the support bra.After some stretching donna started of at a slow jog. She maintained that for a couple minutes but once warmed up a bit. She picked up the pace. The run She was on ran through the woods and past some fields. By catching a cut throw road she Could loop back to her car resulting in a distance of about 8miles. Soon the sweat was running down between her breasts and her shorts and top were wet. She concentrated on her breathing and maintained her pace.Donna thoughts ran through the big fight last night with her husband. The arguments were becoming more frequent and their relationship had been strained for the past seven months. He was constantly picking on little things and seemed to want to know her whereabouts at all times. Donna just wanted out of this marriage once and for all. There sex life was nonexistent. And the last time was about five months ago and then he had finished quickly and fell asleep. No wounder donna cheated on him ever week. A girl got needs,Donna was so angry and distracted with her thoughts that she realized four miles had slipped by. Donna rounded a curve where the road ran through a small meadow. On the right in what was normally grass and flowers was a group of camouflaged trucks. There were antennas youwin and few tents close by ass well. A truck and tent were close to the road and when donna passed she saw a small group of young men was standing in the grass. One of them nodded in donna direction and they all turned to look. Donna was suddenly aware here her sport bra and shorts were wet with sweat and left little to the imagination. Donna hadn’t expected to see anyone so she had not bothered with a shirt. Her audience watched in appreciation as she ran by.Three of them started in her direction.They caught up and fell in beside her matching her speed. They were wearing cammo pants with brown T-shirts and all looked very fit.Donna looked around at her new running companions their shirts fit tight and she could see the muscles rippling as they ran. Even in combat boots they kept up, or donna slowing down??? Two of them were tall athletic types with very difined abs that showed even through their shirts. One had brown hair and the other a blonde crew cut. The third had reddish hair and was shorter and heavier muscled. His biceps strained the cloth of his sleeves.I FUCKING WISH I WAS THERE CAN’T BELIEVED I MIST THIS LISA RAVEN SMITH: “Hi said the tall blond. “you look thirsty.” he had blue eyes and donna couldn’t seem to take her eyes of him.”A little “Donna laughed nervously. She could see them looking up and down her body as they ran easily beside her.”Would you like a drink,” blue eyes asked? Donna didn’t have the breath to keep running and maintain a conversation so she slowed to walk.”I Don’t think so” donna answered.”Come on, we won’t bite,”added muscles,”unless you want us to.”they all laughed, including donna.”Sure, why not”answered donna.They all turned of the road and walked into the field back toward the trucks and equipment. The guys led donna into a large tent that was more like a canvas cabin. There were rows of electronic equipment and some tables and chairs the tall guy that hadn’t yet spoken reached into a small refrigerator under one of the tables and pulled out bottles of water.What are your names?”donna asked as she opened her water. The blond guy, who seemed to be the leader answered “i’m Reggie, his name is rob and muscles there is bill.””Easy enough” donna responded. She took youwin güvenilir mi a long drink of her water and looked around as they stared boldly at her body.”What do you guys do”she asked?”Satellite communications”answered rob.”He speaks”donna said and they all laughed.”We are out here for a week long exercise”rob continued. ” There really isn’t much to do once everything is set up””Want a beer?”bill asked.”you have beer?”said donna”as the saying goes, all work and no play makes a sad,sad sad day “bill answered.”I hear that.”bill went behind a curtained area at the back of tent and returned with four beers.They all sat down on folding chairs around a table.Donna took a long drink from her beer can.There was a bit of a conversation and when she looked around they were all staring at her amazing breasts.She looked down and could see the outline of her nipples through the fabric of her athletic bra.”Enjoying the view?”donna asked with a smile.They all laughed”Definitely”answered bill. This is the Best view we’ve had all week.Reggie was incredibly handsome with is short blonde hair and blue eyes.Donna knew she probably share her attention between the other two but she couldn’t keep from staring at him.”do you run out here often?”he asked.Yes me and my girlfriend, lisa often do this run but she didn’t make today.And i just couldn’t stand going straight home today to my asshole husband. “You are far too hot to have an asshole for a husband” Reggie responded, looking pointedly again at her breasts.”Anyone can end up with an asshole” donna laughed.Then looking into his eyes she asked,”DO you just want me to show them to you???”Everything was quite for a few seconds as they all stared openmouthed at her.”Ummm, that would be great” Reggie stammered.Donna looked around to make sure they were still alone and pulled the sport bra over her head. The young men stared as her amazing double D breasts jiggled a couple of times before falling still. ( Donna has a amazing smoking hot sexy body.and her breasts look even bigger on her slim hot body. By lisa raven smith ) Donna looked around at the silent stares.”Well?”SHE asked.”What do you guys think.” Bill was first one to find his voice “WOW” was all he managed.Donna looked at Reggie.”Why don’t you show me that back youwin giriş room??Reggie stood up and she followed him behind the curtain with her bra dangling from a finger. Lets see what you’re got, she dropped to her knees as she worked on belt.Donna had trouble with the military buckle so Reggie helped and then unbuttoned his cammo pants.She pulled them down along with is underwear,freeing his half erect penis (This was still better than her husband penis,even at half erect).Donna could smell the sweat from his testicles and it accurred to her he probably hadn’t showered in a couple of days. No time for that now, Donna had his cock with her hand and ran her tongue around the head.His penis responded with a twitch and grew to full erection in her mouth.Donna stood up and pushed him back on the cot. He lay back with his legs hanging of the end and his pants bunched around his knees.”Enough foreplay for now” she said and sripped her spandex shorts off and tossed them to the side.She could feel how wet she was already and knew no preparation was needed. Donna swung her leg over him lowered onto his cock.She looked into his blue eyes as she felt the head touch her lips. Reaching down with her hand to make sure it was lined up she dropped down, impaling herself in one mortion. Her back arched,thrusting her breasts out as she let out a loud moan.Donna began rocking her hips on Reggie cock. Her pussy ground against his pelvic area as she enjoyed the feel of him moving inside her. Donna knew her moans and little yelps could be heard easily by the others and looked up to see them both standing at the end of the curtain. With full concentration on Reggie. And she hadn’t really thought through how this Would go with two other men in the room.Her pussy gushed and she realized that them watching was turning her on. She leaned forward putting her hands on Reggie chest, using her arms to push her breasts together. One of the viewers gave a murmur of appreciation. She closed her eyes and let them watch as she gyrated her hips on Reggie.When she opened her eyes again bill and rob had moved up on either side. Rob was on the right rubbing his crotch through his pants. She looked to the left and gasped when She saw bill had his cock out stroking it while he watched.Reggie opened his eyes and saw his friends on either side.”What the fuck?”HE said,raising up slightly.”You Can’t have all the full,”bill answered??TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW THIS IS A TRUE STORY ABOUT DONNA HALLTELLING THIS WAS LISA RAVEN SMITHPUBLISHED BY SHAUN HAWKES THIS HAPPENED JUNE 2017

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