My buddy Jerry


My buddy JerryMy buddy JerryAfter looking high and low on the web I found a buddy, 2 years younger then me 5’8” 185 a big plus 7” uncut dick. He has been separated from him wife for 2 years. After chatting online exchanging photosWe decided to meet at a local coffee shop. Around noon pulled up to the local coffee shop, Jerry was outside he had a green Chevy pickup told him I have an old blue dodge pickup. He rolled down his window and said “ Jim?” I replied “Jerry?”I parked my truck, and he approached my truck got in the passenger side. Jerry didn’t waste anytime unzipped and pulled his hard uncut cock out it had a loose foreskin.I follow my cock was already hard before I got there fantasizing about his dick. Jerry said “Man Nice Dick!” Let go back to my place we can play!” Jerry hopped out got in his truck and I followed him back to his place.Jerry opened the door to his place once inside he dropped his jeans and pulled his shirt canlı bahis off totally naked. His 7” uncut cock standing straight out tip of his gland peeking out from his foreskin. I follow kicked my shoes off and stripped naked. My cock rock and dripping precum. I dropped on my knees grabbed his balls and put his cock in my mouth, slipping my tongue around his gland and sucking the tip tasting his sweet precum. Rolled his foreskin back and slipped it back over my tongue. Jerry let out a low moan “ahhhh! That feels so good!” nibbled on the tip of his foreskin then sucking the head of his fat cock. Jerry grab the sides of my head and slowly pushed his cock in deep to the back of my throat. I had a bit of a gag reflex, He slow started fucking my mouth, and pushed his cock in all the way I could feel his balls begin to tighten. He started fucking my mouth faster. Jerry said “Ohhhh! I’m going to cum!!!!” He began to with draw his cock bahis siteleri I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled him back in. He pushed his cock to the back of my throat and let out several shot of cum. I gladly swallows every sweet drop. I started to suck the gland milking every last drop of cum. Jerry said “Ohhh give me a minute!! Knees are weak!” He withdrew his cock. “Let’s move over to the chair”He had me sit in the chair and position himself between my legs he grabbed my cock and began to stroke it rolling the skin back and forth over the gland. Nibbled on the skin and slipped his tongue inside swirling it around the gland. Jerry pulled me to the edge of the chair, pushing my legs in the air he started sucking on my balls. I grabbed my knee and held them up. He went down on my asshole and began licking and probing the opening with his tongue. (That was the first time I had that done to me) “Ohhh! It feels so good!!!” güvenilir bahis He began licking and probing with his finger slowly inserting it deeper he probed my prostate then moving his finger in and out. Jerry moved back up and started sucking my cock, pushing his finger against my prostrate rubbing it. I Exclaimed “I’m going to cum!!” he stopped sucking and began probing my prostrate. Cum was flowing out of my cock. Jerry started sucking on the tip sucking down all that cum. He squeezed my balls messaging the 2 eggs inside. He started sucking my suck again… wasn’t long I was going to shoot my load… I started moaning “Ahhhh I’m going to cummmm!!!!” Jerry stopped sucking and began probing his finger on my prostrate. I could feel the cum flowing several clobs of cum came up Jerry again sucked them down. He slowly started suck my cock again bobbing up and down on the shaft taking it deep this time. Again My Orgasm was building. “I’m going too Cummmmm!!!!” Jerry took my cock deep I squirted several shot down his throat!! He took every drop had dropped my legs they were shaking from that intense orgasm…. Jerry continue milking my cock of all the cum….

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