My fuck buddy


My fuck buddyMy fuck buddy and I have been friends for some time now. I would say 8 years probably. We were just friends at first, but I had interest in her younger sister at the time so I didn’t really paid much attention to her. Eventually, I got to fuck her and her sister and damn it was the best feeling ever! Sometime later we stopped talking until years later, I was bored and in need to fuck. I went through my friends list and saw her and messaged her. She responded right away n was catching up about the times we use to talk n stuff. At this time she was already seeing someone but I wanted to fuck her regardless. Especially knowing how she is and how much she enjoys fucking and sucking cock. I remember one time she told me how she use to fuck over 20 dudes all at once. She reminded me that she wanted to gangbang and I said to her that I’ll see what I can do of course lolz. She came to my place within a few days later even though we lived in the same town and wanted to drink. I got us some beer and she called me as she was coming telling me to get condoms too. I was glad she said that, and told her “Oh you don’t have to tell me twice!” I called my cousin right after she hung up if he wanted to come over and get into the action as well. He said yes but it’ll be a little later so I was fine with it. When she was over, we talked for a bit, and ended up talking about her bf being shitty n stupid to her and how hes a shitty fucker n how he wouldn’t fuck her anymore. I didn’t even finish my first can but she’s gone down with 3 cans already. She lean towards canlı bahis me , and told me she wanted me to fuck her right now. Immediately, my dick got hard when I heard those words and at the same time she was trying to get into my pants. I helped her unbuckle my pants n started to stroke it with her cold hands. She told me gosh you’re dick is so warm n nice” I started taking her clothes off as she was with mines. I grabbed her n threw her on my bed, she started rubbing her pussy n I just stood there and watched her with tease. She started moaning to herself telling me to hurry and fuck her. I climbed over and gently insert my dick in her with the condom on. We fucked for about a good 10 mins and then I came. She than said that she wanted to shower, I gave her a towel and she went in. I still wanted to fuck so I joined her as well. Within minutes of showering, she got down n started sucking my dick, then I told her to get out of the shower so I can fuck her while looking at her in the mirror. I took her from behind n pounded her for awhile til I was about to cum again. She turned around started sucking my cum. After the shower, we went back to my room n started drinking some more. We started talking about anything we could think about then my cousin finally comes through. I gave him a beer n introduce each other. She went through 5 or 6 cans already now n I went over to my cousin n told him to make his move if he wants to fuck her but he was too nervous to. After about an hour of chit chattering, I started rubbing her pussy n tits in front of him to get bahis siteleri him comfy. She told me to stop it but then whispers into my ear “would it be okay if you’re cousin join us?” I said it was totally fine. We started making out but my cousin was just too nervous. He was just sitting there with his hard dick forsure. I asked him to join us but he said he prefer if they were alone, so I thought ok why not? I decide to leave the room for them and they ended up talking for about half an hr. I was getting irritated cause my dick has been hard for over 30 mins. She came out of the room to use the bathroom n I asked her what’s taking so long? She said she’s trying to get him to get comfy. She quickly grabbed my dick at the same time n started stroking it, I told her to hurry up cause I need some help too! After a few minutes, I can hear her sucking his dick finally. Then started fucking her. I opened the door, saw that he was on top of her fucking her smoothly. I took off my undies and moved in. She reached over to suck my cock but my cousin said for me to leave cause he didn’t want to see my dick? lmao geez that bothered me. I knew she wanted me to stay but I left it between them. After 15 minutes of fucking, he came out to use the bathroom n I quickly went into the room. I got naked and jumped on the bed standing before her. She got up n started sucking my dick. After sucking for 5 minutes she laid on the bed n spread her legs for me. She really knew how to spread her legs for me to fuck. I started fucking her and after awhile she started moving her güvenilir bahis hips too and then she came. She held me tight as I was pounding her hard. I can hear my cousin knocking on the door tellin me that he was leaving. I didn’t bother to answer cause I was into fucking her atm. We switched positions and she got on top n started riding. She came again all over my dick this time and she was exhausted now. I took her from behind n started fucking her. She asked if I wanted to fuck her in the ass, but I thought it was a bit weird so I didn’t. I turned her sideways n pound her there and was feeling it now. After a few mins of fucking her side ways I cum on her. We both lied down sweating hard n I was about out of juice now. After a few mins of laying on the bed she turn towards me n grabs my hand n made me rubbing her pussy. I started fingering her n she was really wet n was moaning hard. I told her that I was out of it and tired but she didn’t care cause she was in the mood to fuck. She got on top n started stroking my cock n sucking it. After mins of trying to get my cock hard, I got hard for her again and she climbed back on n started riding my cock. I grabbed her and carried her while she was holding me as I was pounding her. After a while she laid down and finished her off being on top of her. She grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and squeezed them. She whispered into my ear telling me that she wants me to fuck her everyday. I came again but on her mouth now. I laid down exhausted n out of it as she was cleaning herself up. She laid next to me and tried to get me hard again by playing with my dick but I was too exhausted to do anything at that point. After awhile she got up, got dressed and left. We did continue fucking every now and than. Living the good life while I can.

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