Trip to Holland


Trip to HollandI went on a trip to Holland not too long ago, and did all the nice toeristy stuff ,I stayed in a hotel in Rotterdam it was cheap but cosy and right downtown. One night while walking to my hotel I passed a small casino and went in for a bet, I walked over to one of the four automatic roulette tables they had and was kinda lost staring at the betting screen and the buttons.A guy sitting at the screen next to me asked me if I knew how to work it, I replied “I know how to work a lot but not this ” with a wink , only than did I notice how handsome the guy was ,lightbrown skin with long black hair ,a styled trimmed goatee ,about 6, 2 and a smile to die for.He explained to me how to play and asked me if I wanted a drink I told him a pepsi would be great and watched him walk off .I was standing over the screen watching the roulette wheel spin in anticipation off a lucky spin when he came back and played the drinks next to my screen, he introduced himself as Francisco and smiled. He stood behind me watching over my shoulder for a while and a couple of times he reached over to place a bet and I would feel him brush past my ass.This happened a few times and I chose to be brave and place a different kind of bet, I let my left hand drop down and reached back when I felt his crotch bump in to me , I reached back feeling around and then… I got a handful ! As I grabbed his cock he pushed in closer and said softly :finally! I stood there massaging his cock and he said: mmmm you want to take this over to my place? I asked him if it was close by and he told me that it was right across the street. We left in a hurry and within 5min we were at his house, he took me upstairs to his apartment a nice big livingroom and a bedroom with a huge bed.I sat down on the bed and switched the t.v on and flicked through the channels mecidiyeköy escort until I found a music station.Francisco came into the room fully naked I cried:Woww!! A nice muscular tattooed body and a thick long flacid cock and big balls qll perfectly shaved , he had a bottle of baby oil and asked if I wanted a massage , i asked him if I could freshen up first rushed out my clothes and into his shower washing myself and my cleansed my ass by taking the shower head off for a good enema,After about 10 min I was back in the room all fresh and ready for that fine man and his big cock.Francisco told me to lay down on the bed so I did , he squated down on my ass and I felt his big cock against my asscrack , he took the baby oil and emptied like half the bottle on my back I giggled and moaned .He started giving me a body to body massage his sexy boxy slixing over me feeling his cock gliding up my back to my neck and down againmmmmm.I started rotating my ass and he grabbed my bootycheeks and puled them apart , kneading my booty and letting his now half hard dick slap against my asshole, suddenly he buried his head between my asscheeks and started kissing and licking my anus, Hmmmmm don’t stop I mumbled as he continued to rim me and massage my cheeks smacking them sometimes as he stuck his tongue in and fucked me with his tongue. He drove me mad with desire as he licked my ass smacking his lips mumbling things like: what a sweet ass and mmmmmm let me take care of this mmmm.he sucked my balls in and reached under me and pulled my cock back , he took my dick in his mouth and at the same time he started fingering my wet ass.I couldn’t take it anymore and cried; I wanna taste your cock babe!! He got up and walked over me and sat down in front of me and opened his legs his now fully hard cock looked amazing at mecidiyeköy escort bayan least 9 inches of hard cockmeat towered in front of me his big balls hanging low made his huge rod look even more majestic. I gasped as I saw his huge fucking cock my fingers trembled as I reached out taking his massive throbbing monster in my hand I pulled down a little to get his dickhead in position and opened my mouth …….My lips closed around his throbbing tip tasting of body oil and pre cum than I inhaled , exhaled closed my eyes and took the veined snake deep in my throat, as his dong slid down my throat I now noticed how thick his cock was I opened my mouth as far as I could but this cock was too much , more then once I nearly chocked on his fat slimy huge meaty fuckrod , gagging and gargling on his cock as he fucked me in my mouth my jaws started to hurt his dick was that fucking big!I backed off his cock and looked at the quivering cock and lunges at his balls sucking them in making him moan: mmmm yeah babe take that cock!I stood up turned around so my ass was in his face and bent down again to suck his cock he grabbed my thighs and pulled me back and aggressively licked my ass spitting on it and licking my hot ass, I moaned: hmmm I want your cock daddy, fuck me please I neee that huge cock daddy mmmm, he spat on my ass and said :sit down on it , I’ll fuck you real good bitch!I squated down and he guided me down on his monster, I hovered over his cock feeling the hot head bump against my wet assa.I felt his cock now pushing against my thight hot ass, he pulled me down and his hard cock enteree my hole Mmmmhh soooo big his thick cockhead splitting my cunt as his massive cock filled me up stretching my hot pussy.Ouch its too much daddy I cried out he was only half way in but his thick cock was too şişli escort bayan damn big, he slowly fucked my ass until I could take it deeper he pulled his cock slowly in and out stretching my ass out.He told me to get on my knees and I did, I stuck my ass up and he slowly pumped my boycunt in and out every time he penetrated me I felt a electric surge rush from my ass to my head , until I layed there drueling with my ass in the air , he said: almost there bitch and pushed his fat fucking cock in even deeper I felt hisballs hit my ass mmmmm finally all of that COCK!He now started speeding up ramming his cock in rhythmically in me , his balls slapping against me I felt great like only cumsluts know how to feel that way .Suddenly he pulled his cock out grabbed my head and jammed his slimy eick in my face I opened my mouth tasting my own ass and his magnificent cock he shocked and screamed: Aaaaaaaaaiiii I’m gonna cum bitch suck this dick bitch mmmm yeahhh!!!I sucked hard on his cock letting my tongue glide overhis head , he must’ve changed his mind because he threw me back and said I wanna cum in that sweet ass baby.His hard cock trembled in my ass when he stuck it back in , I was now on my back and he held my ankles pulling my legs apart as herammed his giant anaconda in . Aaaaayyy you sweet bitch he screamed, fuck this ass daddy fuck me hard Aaaah I screamed waves of pleasure rushed through my body. His cock staggered in me and I felt his hot cum shooting out in me.i felt so whorish and nasty as he kept fucking me his slimy cum gushed out as he rammed his cock deep , he took it out and I said I wanted to taste his sperm he took his big cock covered in cum and slapped it in my face I gobbled down on his cock , mmmmm that salty sweet cum mmmm it was like xtc to me he kneeled back down and drove his still hard cock home in my pussy after 3or 4 strokes I felt my ass tightening around his massive cumblaster and I came harder than ever before blacking out and seeing stars damn I LOVE THIS COCK! !!I stayed the night with him and if you want to know more let me know I’ll write a sequel.

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