car broken down on the motorway


car broken down on the motorwayI was in big trouble.I had been out with a group of girl friends in a hotel on the other side of the city.The hotel had a nightclub attached, and we had all booked double rooms,to stay the night.So I brought the car , planning to drive home the following day.It was a great night,and we all got very drunk.Especially Sarah, who I was supposed to be sharing a room with.But Sarah had pulled some hunky guy,at least ten years younger than her,and was in all likelihood,still bonking away in her room.I had walked in on them,and saw Sarah on top of him,her tits bouncing up and down.The slag.But it did make me horny,even wet.Now I knew I wasn’t the most sensible girl in the world.That’s why I had ignored the warning error message on the cars dashboard for the last month.Error 32. What the hell was error 32 ? If they can put up a message like that,why can’t Opel put up a message like low oil,or low water,or whatever the hell was wrong. There was something wrong now for sure.I had decided to drive home,despite having drank numerous cocktails and shots.Not the best decision I had ever made.I knew anybody I rang would know immediately that I was way over the limit.There was a red light flashing on the dashboard,and an annoying beep beep f**king beep wrecking my head.Then the car had just conked out.Mother f**ker. 10 more miles and I would have been tucked up in her bed beside boring Eddy. Eddy Gore who canlı bahis I had married 12 years previouslywhen I was only 22.Gore the bore I found out everyone called him.Nice sensible Eddy.So here I was standing at the edge of the road shivering in my flimsy dress,with my very fasionable silk jacket as usefull as a chocolate teapot.I also wished I had wore knickers for once.I had an old pair somewhere at home. Most of my clothes were too clingy for underwear.And my little 32b tits didn’t need locking up I always said.After a half hour,the only car that had slowed down was an old beaten up astra whose driver had shouted out “How much ,love ? “,and drove off laughing.Another half hour passed and I was considering ringing Eddy up to rescue me.He would lecture me all the way home,and for days after.Then,a plumbers van pulled up.He was a typical self employed tradesman. I looked at the writing on his van, “The Water Man”. How original. He was about the same height as Eddy, 5,9 or 5,10. But a bit heavier.And more muscular.He was mid 50’s. I always liked an older guy.Eddy was a bit wimpish,but Gerry,as he introduced himself as,was very manly.He needed a shave,and looked like he had come from work,but it was after 3 in the morning.”Need a ride darling ” he had said,his green eyes sparkling.” I’d love a ride” I told him,flirting so I could get home.He asked what direction I was going,so I told him.”Sorry”,he said,”I’m going bahis siteleri nowhere near there”,and went to move off.”Wait,wait,” I shouted.”Please,I told him I was desparate.I had no money for a taxi I told him,which was true.I leaned over while I was talking,and he was staring at my cleavage.”I can see you haven’t got much” he laughed.Cheeky bastard.”Please “, I pleaded””Oh get in”,he said.As I got in my dress crept up and he said “Nice view”. I was past caring.I see you like my bald pussy more than my little tits”,I said,noticing his bulge in his jeans.He laughed and we drove off.Lets get you home he said.He lit up a rolled up ciggy without asking me if I minded.I knew straight away it was weed and asked him for a drag.He said it was just gone and pulled over ,throwing the butt out of the window.He opened his glove box and took out an old tobacco tin,and removed a new roll up.He lit it and handed it to me.We chatted for a while and he was very funny.I told him about Sarah and her new friend in our room.We lit up a second roll up,and we were soon giggling like school k**s,due to the weed,and booze,for me anyway.I stopped laughing,looking down at Gerrys hand on my bare tanned leg.I think it was there a while,but I wasn’t sure.But it had moved up my leg.Up high.He looked into my eyes,.He said nothing but put his hand behind my head and pulled my lips to his.We kissed passionately,and I felt his hand squeeze my tit.I güvenilir bahis groaned.He must have taken this as a signal,because his other hand found my bald wet pussy and was he was soon finger fucking me.He quickly brought me to orgasm,and I wiggled on to his lap,rubbing myself on his hard cock.He grabbed by bare ass and was squeezing my arse cheeks which I loved.He wiggled below me and lowered his jeans to his ankles.Soon he was inside me.I knew his cock was wider than my husbands as soon as in entered me.I lowered myself down,my soaking wet pussy sliding effortlessly.He was big.Very big.I knew it was wide as soon as he entered me,but I slid down and down and down.I gasped at how big he was.He smiled knowingly.He knew he was hung.I fucked his cock hard,and he pulled my dress down and sucked my tits.And he bit them.”Don’t leave a mark”, I said between thrusts,but he did,and neither of us cared.I would have to be carefull undressing in front of Eddy for a few days.After a while,I dont know how long,Gerry grabbed my hair as he shot his load inside me.He cried out,no,he shouted out as he came.I stayed on his cock,not quite as hard as before,and rubbed my clit until I came again.He handed me a rag from his door to wipe myself.We had another smoke,and then he dropped me home.I stood at the end of my driveway,cum dripping from my sore ,well fucked pussy.I looked at his van as he drove away,and with my phone,took a quick pic.Always handy to have a good tradesmans number I thought,smiling.His phone number was there,under his name, The Water Man.The end.I hope you enjoyed my story,dedicated to a friend who knows who he is.All comments appreciated.

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