Chance meet with Stud


Chance meet with StudMeet no.3 with my Black Stud was rather unexpected. I was out shopping with hubby, making him spend lots a money on me. I was as usual dressed in a short flowered pattern skirt, little pink blouse(c-through), black bra, stockings, flesh colour, fashioned tops and pink high heels. I was getting a few looks in the Mall from horny guys and Mick(hubby) was embarrassed as usual, some guys laughing at his useless stature! One or 2 seemed to be following us about too?We were in the glass lift when I though I saw Nathan my huge black stud below. I told Mick to press the button to go down and he did. Yes there was Nathan, he was with a pregnant Lady,small big tits with black hair. I would say she was ready to drop that k**.Shit she was so swollen as if she would burst any minute. Just then he patted he ass and she walked away alone and I noticed she had to keep stopping holding her prego. belly and leaning forward, she looked exhausted poor cow! A small thin man walked up to her and helped her on her way. I waited and caught Nathans eye. He was delighted to see me and said so. I joked you been a busy boy? He grinned and said just a favour or two for them…haha!What you doing here today Doll, he asked me? Well I am shopping, Mick has the wallet as usual…haha. Mick was holding all the bags as usual.Look lets have a drink then, he said. Yeah cool lets do it, I said and walked off with Nathan leaving Mick, sorry forgetting he was still with me! Nathan put his arm around my waist raising my mini skirt so you could see my stocking tops! I was getting even more attention now from everyone. Here I was in public a young tall stud with his cheap married possession and the hubby in tow!We found a bar, nice place. I told Mick to get all the drinks as he was in luck with Nathan here to relieve the shopping boredom and maybe more I was thinking.Mick got the drinks and Nathan just stood beside me holding me, he said this is brill then kissed me, we kissed for ages and Mick just looked up at us sort of embarrassed looking about canlı bahis all the time. I saw a group of boys laughing and pointing at us and one raising his arm in that donkey dick way! I winked back round Nathan and hinted, O yes I will get it alright from this black b**st. He thumbed up approving.One guy asked Mick if I was his Wife? Mick told him yes. The guys was astonished and Nathan heard him and put his big hand on my ass.Yeah mate she mine, he said. Wow, said the guy, lucky bastard. I was feeling so horny for some black meat in me and whispered my feelings to my lover. We kissed again and Nathan pointed at a door over in the corner, I walked over hand in hand with him behind me, then into a long corridor. At the end he pushed me into the Gents toilet, I have never been in one before. Even though this was a nice clean bar the urinals stank of old piss, there was no-one the place yet in and he pushed me into a cubicle, at least the tiny room and toilet were a bit cleaner smelling! He pushed my in shut the door behind him and I had to part my legs as I straddled the loo. He lifted my head and kissed me really hard then tongues my throat. Nathan was in need of relief here and now that was clear and he was going to sort that out. I reached for his swelling fat long dick, then shoved his pants down and it sprang upwards hitting my crutch. My clitty got bashed in and made me tingle for more. My cunt was soaking and panties all wet. I heard then Mick say you guys in there, knocking at the door? Yes bruv we in here for a little cuddle haha!, Nat replied. The door I saw was not to the floor and Nat’s huge size 13 boots must have been visible from outside? I was so eager to have my lover make me cum, I pushed the soiled panties to one side and took the snake between my cunt lips, we were both so wet it slipped straight into my love tunnel. I could feel the hardness of him and heat. I was again being stretched wide, stood up and being used like a cheap whore. Ohhhh it was amazing, the naughtiness of the place, the smell and the bahis siteleri huge black pole up me, sitting again on a volcano about to fire it’s hot loads. Nathans huge hands were working my ass cheeks and helping himself to how much cunt he wanted wrapped round that hard shaft. The balls were swing upwards and hitting my ass too.I sensed now we were not alone in the place and Mick said later a few guys had followed us from the crows in the bar plus others who had wandered in to the place!!! Nathan was smashing away t my willing cunt, I was cuming over and over. Nathan was lifting me higher and higher on his dick, his pants slipped about his boots, the guys outside could see that too, the heap of pants and bare black ankles, occasionally up on his toes for a big deep preventative shove! I felt very cols thing on my ass and he had shoved me onto the flusher unit of the toilet, he stood forward and was pressing me into the wall, then lifted my legs high over his chest. This way he was home where he enjoyed it best. I looked down and it looked like an insanely huge black hot dog between too little white bun!I could tell he was near exploding as he grunted and kissed me with more love now.I was close to fainting and my wet ass was glued to the ceramic, a mix of sweat, his cum and mine.Nathan cums from the moment he get hard, it is amazing. His eyes rolled over I stroked his huge 6 pack and wow, I thought a hot water pipe had burst in my womb. He just kept is cumin and cumin, the pressure made me cum too.He held my ankles higher in the air then pulled out still squirting that filth up over my pink blouse, face, hair and wall above!The cock was twitching, his massive ball sack rising and falling, then re-loading and letting go another series of flying jizm! I pulled my nicks back over my gaping cunt and the material went inside, not enough to cover it. I fastened my messed up blouse, bra also destroyed.My hands were wet and all sticky as I tried to fasten the slippery buttons up, rubbing the fat cream on it made it just spread güvenilir bahis out? I did my best to wipe my face and forgot about my hair though!Nathan pulled up his big trackies and opened the door. Mick and a few guys were there and got a right eyeful, I could see in the mirror what a cheap rag Nat had made of me. One guys asked as if seeking permission from Nathan, could he please go into the cubicle? Yeah head on in mate, he said. Fuck me said the guy to Mick and his mates, look at this? He was pointing to the spunk covered wall above where I was and globes of of that had slid quickly down the shiny porcelain onto the floor. O man he said, that is some dude. Lady may I ask did he fill you too? O yes he did and reached to kiss Nathan. He got the equipment we Ladies love, I grabbed Nathans semi hard dick through his pants and shook it. It was hanging down a leg inside the pants but just bashed the material. Shit your k**ding Lady…fuck that is not possible?With that we went to the bar as we were now so hot and thirsty. I could feel the spunk drying at least now in the hot air on my face, my hair though was still glistening with it. Nathan allowed the guys to chat with me, one of the guys though was not with them, the one who was so nosy about us and had asked all the questions. Mick later said he went into the cubicle and locked it. He though he was licking the spunk off the walls?The guys said I looked great all messy like I was and very lucky, they gave Mick a smile and not sure if they were laughing at him or approved? One guy said Mrs your shoes just got messed up? I looked down and he was right, my cunt was leaking my Black cargo, guess I was getting a bit stretched now and not able to hold in Nathans love juices when stood? Nathan saw it and said be a gent and wipe the ladies shoes mate…haha. O yes I will one offered with a tissue, he put back in his pocket. With that Nathan said OK guys I got to shoot, Doll will call you in the week, we got more business.When he gone one guy asked Mick what he thought about this? Mick said I can’t stop it. Look would you argue with that monster? Well no mate I guess not. But can’t you do her yourself in the bedroom, you know keep her happy? No I can’t and he kinda owns her too.Oh that’s my Mick x

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