Scum – Part 1


Scum – Part 1I couldnt believe it was stupid enough to fall for it, because it wasnt going to be a real offer… was it?I was stood there outside the prison on a road round the corner on a cold wintery night, waiting to be let down.Was I shaking because it was cold and I was just wearing a short mini dress to show off the stockings, suspenders, and thong, with high heels and large hoop earings, with my long hair swept down and round to one side….or was it because I had a slight chance that maybe, just maybe it was actually true, and was about to happen?!My last text to say I was there as planned had been ignored, so I should have know it wasnt going to happen. Maybe it was just as well? Why would I agree to do that just to prove my worth (or lack of) and to prove im genuine?!It was now 11:10pm, so I turned to go home…Just as I was walking away back to where my car was parked, a van slowly rolled up behind me, and I heard a word that made me freeze on the spot… this wasnt any van, this wasnt a random word, this night wasnt going to be a fake set up….As soon as the man said “scum” as planned, I just did the only thing I thought I should, as I agreed online when arranging to be there, I froze and didnt turn round.As I heard a person get out and some more van doors open, I felt a hand grab my wrist from behind, and I shut my eyes… again, just as I had agreed to.Still, even as the van turned round with me in the back, now blind canlı bahis folded and sat alone with only my ears to know whats going on, I felt that this wasnt going to be what I had agreed to.Still a big part of me felt that something was going to be different or change at the last minute, there are always excuses and reasons why.I felt the van stop and muffled voices talking…. what were they saying? I couldnt make it out.The van pulled away again, making me grab at my seat for balance, my heart beating harder than before.Again the van stopped temporarily, but I couldnt hear any voices this time. Someone had got out the van, and I think back in again, but again we pulled away.As the van came to another final stop, this time, the engine turned off.I heard the doors opened and a someone whisper in the distance, again I couldnt make out what was said.The smell was different here. I could tell the van was inside somewhere, the sound had changed around me.I was led out the van still blindfolded, this time the grip around my arm felt a lot stronger than before.“This is your final chance to change your mind….” I heard whispered really quietly in my ear…. “are you scum, or not?”I nodded and quietly said yes.I heard the rustling of keys and the sound of a big heavy gate as I was pulled forward.Thats when I first realised… this was real, this was going to happen… this was now too late.“Take off your heels until we get there, bahis siteleri we need to be silent!” I heard the voice say.Still blindfolded, I removed my heels and they were taken from me, I think from the guy who was still pulling me through many heavy sounding gates that had a recognisable loud ‘clunk and click’ as they were opened and shut.I seemed to walk and stop and walk and stop for ages, and I kept nearly stumbling where I couldnt see where I was walking.I felt so vulnerable, more so than ever before.Occasionally I would hear a mumble or a whisper, but purposefully I obviously wasnt meant to hear what was being said.Everywhere around me seemed to be silent, and yet at the same time… echo.The man who was leading me seemed to have steps that were both next to me, and yet echo around as I was led on.There was a final rustling noise, and another final knowing ‘click’ and I went through a smaller doorway, when I realised this was my destination, as planned.So many thoughts and questions, and I think maybe even some worries started to fill my head, but I knew I had gone too far now, and I knew I had to prove myself, being as he/they had clearly been genuine with what they wanted someone to do for them.“Dont remove your blindfold until I am gone, but when I am, put your heels back on and take off your dress…. youre not going to need that tonight!”I heard the door click shut behind me and I waited for a moment güvenilir bahis to make sure I was alone, before I removed my blind fold.I dont know why, but I was surprised to see exactly what I thought I would.I suppose part of me thought a lot of what we saw in films or on documentaries was dramatised just to make Prison look worse than it is, but there it was around me even in the darkness, exactly like you think of it… the plain walls, the the bare floor, the almost pointless window high up in one of the walls.And so quiet…. why was I surprised about how quiet it was..? What did I expect?I took off my dress so was now in lingerie and high heels, and sat on the bare bed.My eyes darting about the room taking it all in, I could hear more than one pair of foot steps shuffling at the door way.As the door opened, only one person came in, but as I looked up I could see he had his face completely covered with a balaclava.Again, with the distinctive uniform, I felt my body tingle as he told me to stand up, and he pulled the mattress on the bed to the floor.“Lay down, I have the first guy outside ready to come in once youre ready” he said in a low tone.As I laid down flat on the mattress, the officer lifted my legs so that were now apart, more showing, more vulnerable, more in an offering position.“Ive started easy on you!” he said as he walked out the room, and then reappeared with someone.I didnt look, I just stared up at the ceiling, not knowing how to react and act or what to do next.As I heard the guard leave the room and the click of the door, I could hear shuffling beside me as the mans breathing changed and he removed his jogging bottoms…

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